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Bubbly Wines from Off the Vine


My best friend recently introduced me to a really cool business that does walking food tours in Grapevine. But really, the draw is that these food tours feature wine, whiskey and beer pairings of your choice, which is pretty amazing. Not to mention the owner of the food tour, Holly, also happens to own Off the Vine (a small local wine store) as well.

One of the tours you can book is a Bubbles and Barrels one hour experience where you can choose to sample whiskey or sparkling wines. We, of course, went the sparkling wine route and with the sparkling wine experience you also get to learn the art of Saberage.

It’s definitely a good time. Holly is very knowledgeable, but keeps it light and fun. The wines were all good. And the sabering is slightly intimidating, but makes you feel like you conquered something at the end (other than getting tipsy).

So which sparkling wines were your favorites?

Neyah Gold Party Potion

This is a slightly sweet sparkling white wine from Spain with gold glitter in it. Holly described it as a party in a bottle. I actually usually don’t like sweet wines, but this one is just the right amount of sweet and the gold glitter is fun. This is a keeper.

Planet Oregon Pinot Noir

This is probably my new favorite wine. I love Pinot Noir and I love sparkling wines, so when you bring them together, happiness happens. Holly said this pairs nicely with a bacon cheeseburger. I don’t eat bacon, but did drink this with a burger and was very happy. It goes well with pizza too!


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