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A Killer Baby Shower Gift for a Guy in Your Life


Becoming a Dad is a thing to be celebrated! But every time a guy in my life has become a Dad and I was looking to get him a gift, it was always a little tricky. Especially if it’s a work friend that we want to give a baby shower – how does that work? We have met his wife at the holiday party, but we don’t really know her, we know him.

I have faced this challenge enough times now that I feel like I have gotten the hang of it. Here’s what I have found works when it comes to creating a gift that will make a new Dad feel special:

  • A baby outfit that either has an interest of his (sports team, favorite brand, favorite band, etc) or says something about Dad
  • A baby toy that has something to do with something he enjoys – a hobby, favorite movie, favorite sport, etc.
  • Some kind of food item – depending on the guy – add a kit to make something cool, a gift card to his favorite steak place, or some pie, cupcakes, or cookies.

I created the above gift basket for a coworker who loves the movie Jaws, the legendary Texas fast food chain Whataburger and to smoke briskets in his spare time. He is also welcoming his second baby to his beautiful family.

I got the basket, filler and card at Target.


The Whatastore really had so much good stuff to work with. If you can find a brand with a fan following like this, you are set when you are putting a gift like this together. I scored a baby blanket, baby bib, onesie and matching toddler t-shirt for his older kiddo.

Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Da Doo

Next, I went over to the World Wildlife Fund to symbolically adopt a Great White Shark and get a super cute plush toy. I LOVE this option rather than just giving a stuffed animal. The WWF is such a great organization and the plush animals are a really great quality to boot.

Everyone loves bacon.

Finally, I have been seeing online ads for a place called Man Crates that do these smoked meat gifts. My husband is not about that life, but this co worker definitely would be, so when I was putting this gift together, I took a look at their site and saw this Baconology kit and thought that would be perfect for him.

The official review:

“This is freaking awesome and so thoughtful. You guys know me too well, thank you so much!”


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